I will not value what is valueless. 

These questions came to me in meditation after reading today’s lesson: 

Why is it important?

What do I care?

How heavily invested am I in the outcome?

Some items that caught my attention in the reading: 

W-133.2.You do not ask too much of life, but far too little. 2 When you let your mind be drawn to bodily concerns, to things you buy, to eminence as valued by the world, you ask for sorrow, not for happiness. 3 This course does not attempt to take from you the little that you have. 4 It does not try to substitute utopian ideas for satisfactions which the world contains. 5 There are no satisfactions in the world.

W-133.8.Your next consideration is the one on which the others rest. 2 Why is the choice you make of value to you? 3 What attracts your mind to it? 4 What purpose does it serve? 5 Here it is easiest of all to be deceived. 6 For what the ego wants it fails to recognize. 7 It does not even tell the truth as it perceives it, for it needs to keep the halo which it uses to protect its goals from tarnish and from rust, that you may see how “innocent” it is.

SO…..What do I value? Why do I? Do I want to continue to value it? Do I want to seek the illusion or the truth?

I circle back to the statement in paragraph 2 excerpted above: You do not ask too much of life, but far too little.

It reminds me of Prodigal Son parable. I am not worthy to receive your gifts, Father, so I will settle for scraps. NO! We are not meant to settle for the scraps! We are to accept our inheritance as God’s Child! We have been taught by the world, by previous religious tradition, how unworthy we are. It has been ingrained in us that we are sinners and deserve punishment. Yet that is not what our Father wills for us. He wills us to be happy. Not our measure of happiness by world’s standards of course, but by His.

Today I value my mind, my life in God, my peace and my happiness.


Rev. Deb


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