In quiet I receive God’s Word today.

This morning I was up at dawn. It was a time of stillness and quiet listening, save a cat who insisted on carrying on a conversation, but it was okay. Once settled on my lap, the purring commenced. In our mantra together, we spent time being as One. I relish in this experience with a cat, just feeling the gentle vibration. Yet, the vibration of God is even more profound.

I love the quiet. I love being quiet. I love an atmosphere of quiet. That is truly my preference in all the world. I can’t imagine a life without spending time in the quiet. Some I watch are so busy in there lives. Don’t get me wrong I can be busy too, but I am busy in an atmosphere of quiet. I told the story in my book, I am Entitled to Miracles! that I was not raised with quiet. In fact, it was much noise with radios, police scanners and TV all the time. I suppose it is why I liked the scene with the Grinch (book/animated) where he doesn’t like Christmas because of all the NOISE, NOISE, NOISE. That was me. And I’m born on Christmas. I guess I had a lot in common with Mr. Grinch.

I came to realize it was the NOISE in my mind that disquieted me. Yes, the noise outside is a contributing factor but my own thoughts can dissuade peace. I always have the power to choose the teacher I will walk with during my day. I choose Holy Spirit. He will keep my day running at a gentle purr.


Rev. Deb

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