Good Morning!

Will wrap up Ken’s thoughts on the 10 day review’s introduction and then share my experience yesterday.

Here we go, short and sweet as Ken closes his remarks on the introduction to the fourth review’s last paragraph, number 10, with this:

“What nicer way to end these instructions, in preparation for our ten-day review period, than to quote this lovely passage that reminds us of God’s Love and gratitude, as we open our minds and hearts to receive His gift of Wholeness, the gift of our Self”:

“”God offers thanks to the holy host who would receive Him, and lets Him enter and abide where He would be.  And by your welcome does He welcome you into Himself, for what is contained in you who welcome Him is returned to Him.  And we but celebrate His Wholeness as we welcome Him unto ourselves.

Those who receive the Father are one with Him, being host to Him Who created them.  And by allowing Him to enter, the remembrance of the Father enters with Him, and with Him they remember the only relationship they ever had, and ever want to have (T-15.XI.9).””



Gracie, our almost 12 year old, Lhasa Apso, our fifth of this breed, has three limbs not quite right, her two knees luxate, meaning knee caps pop out of their socket, and right elbow is arthritic.

On Deramaxx, anti-inflammatory, every morning to assure she can walk or she limps terribly.

Also, severe tearing below eyes among other symptoms.

Found holistic vet nearby, booked appointment.

Two hours and a rather hefty bill later, Gracie’s being converted onto a more raw/holistic diet to shed some extra pounds that impede her mobility.

Acupuncture for all of the above.

Perhaps, underwater treadmill and/or swimming therapy to strength joints, etc.

What overwhelmed me was getting her off a little kibble, a little canned food and some human food I have cooked for her every day for her life, chicken to which vet feels she’s allergic, very common among dogs.  Beef is included as well.

My head was swimming after we left.

We went to holistic pet food store to get some food.

Found out about holistic/natural remedies for fleas or ticks, etc.

Explored countless non-traditional modalities to help her.

AH, until I realized I WAS MAKING THIS ALL REAL!!!!

And I stopped.

I had firmly convinced myself that integrating everything she said, the vet, would bring me peace of mind and all I did was to confuse and overwhelm myself as though I were talking to the GODDESS of HEALING.  I mean no disrespect, BTW, she was wonderful.

Today, I put all of this in perspective and allow Him to lead the way as I step back from having to be in control and all specialness as it applied to our beloved dog.

Have a Happy Day!



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