LESSON 151All things are echoes of the Voice for God.

Keys to this Lesson

You cannot judge.
You do not question what you see through the body’s eyes.
Why trust it?
How can you judge?
Judgments rests upon what your senses offer you, yet it is a false witness.
We have been asked to refrain from judging not because it is to be withheld from us, but simply we CANNOT judge. We do not have the capacity to do so.
What judges is the ego. Don’t listen to the ego.
Let the Voice for God be the Judge of what you are.
Let the Voice for God honor you and Him.
And rejoice in this.
Let the Holy Spirit remove your faith in pain, disaster, suffering and loss and let him show you the truth.
This is your resurrection.


15 minutes in the morning after you awake.
15 minutes in the evening before sleep.

Practice wordlessly except at the beginning.
Introduce the practice with the slow repeating of today’s idea.
Watch your thoughts, appeal silently to Holy Spirit for the elements of truth in them.
Let Him evaluate each thought, remove dream elements and then give them back to you as clean ideas.
You cannot fail to listen when you hear the Voice for God.

Each hour remember Him Who is salvation and deliverance.
Give thanks.


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