LESSON 140- Only salvation can be said to cure.

Keys to this Lesson

The world sees the word CURE as a remedy that will make the body better.
The world thinks that the mind exists in the body.
The world’s forms of healing thus must substitute illusion for illusion.
One belief in sickness takes another form, and so the patient now perceives himself as well.
The person is not healed. He dreamt he was sick and then dreamt again that he found a magic formula.

Healing is not about healing the body.
Atonement heals with certainty and cures all sickness.
The Atonement if we remember, has us remember Who we are and that is: WE ARE NOT A BODY.

The cure comes from knowing our True Self in God.
It is the mind that is sick.
We seek to change our minds about the source of sickness.
We seek a cure for ALL illusions, not another shift among them.

Today we will try to find the source of healing which is in our minds because our Father placed it there.

We will not be misled today by what appears to be sick.
We go beyond appearances today and reach the source.

Lay aside everything and be still and listen to the Voice of healing which will cure and restore our sanity.
Holy Spirit’s Voice speaks to us of truth and peace returns.


5 minutes as you wake and 5 minutes as you end the day.
Our preparation is to let our distracting thoughts be laid aside.
We come to God today. We listen for His Voice.

We pray:
Only salvation can be said to cure.
Speak to us, Father, that we may be healed.

Feel salvation covering you like a soft protection. Feel peace so deep that nothing can disturb your mind.

Every hour take a minute to say our prayer for healing and hear the answer be given us in silence and joy.
This is the day when healing comes to us.
This is the day when separation ends and we remember Who we really are.


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