LESSON 130It is impossible to see two worlds.

Keys to this Lesson

What we think is what we see.
That is the perception.
Then we have to look at the idea that our thinking reflecting WHAT we WANT to see.
We cannot hate and love at the same time.

Fear has made everything that we think we see.
All the separation and all the differences that we see among us.
The ego, Love’s enemy, made all of it up.

If you seek for one world then the other disappears.
The world that you see is consistent from the point of view from which you see it.


6 times today, give 5 minutes to the thought:
It is impossible to see two worlds.

This thoughts ends all compromise and doubt and goes beyond it all.

Begin your searching for the other world for asking for a strength beyond your own, and recognizing what you seek.
You don’t want illusions.

Come to these 5 minutes emptying all of the pettiness of the world.
Waiting for God to help you, say:

It is impossible to see two worlds. Let me accept the strength God offers me and see no value in this world, that I may find my freedom and deliverance.

Trust that God will be there. You called upon unfailing power.
Have gratitude.
You will see His thanks just by your practicing.

Dismiss temptation when it arises today, remembering the limits of your choice.
The unreal or real, the false or the true is what you see and only what you see.

Say to any part of hell that comes to you in whatever form:
It is impossible to see two worlds. I seek my freedom and deliverance, and this is not a part of what I want.


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