LESSON 126- All that I give is given to myself.

Keys to this Lesson

If you believe today’s idea you will reverse your thinking and you would have no problem with complete forgiveness.

Right now, you still seem to think that other people are separate from you that you do not affect them but they affect you.

You are confused about forgiveness. You either believe that it is charity to one unworthy, or that you are better off than they, and still you either withhold or withdrawn at your discretion.

You do not understand that giving and receiving are the same.


15 minutes twice today
Put the thought of forgiveness in its proper place.

Close your eyes in silence.
The world does not understand forgiveness.
Seek sanctuary in the quiet place in your mind where thoughts are changed and false beliefs laid by.

Repeat today’s idea:
All that I give is given to myself.

Ask for help in understanding what it means.
Be willing to be taught.
Be glad to hear Holy Spirit’s Voice that will speak the truth to you.

As often as you can today remind yourself that you have one goal and do not forget:

All that I give is given to myself. The Help I need to learn that this is true is with me now. And I will trust in Him.


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