Thought I’d share some introductory remarks to the next 20 lessons that Ken has written in his Journey through the WB, very helpful, hope you find them to be as well:

“The twenty lessons comprising this next series share the same theme, though expressed in different ways, reflecting the musical form of theme and variations.  The theme is the contrast between the ego self and true Self, and Lesson 91 focuses on the power of our minds to choose between the ego’s interpretation of our identity – a sinful, guilty, and fearful self – and the Holy Spirit’s reminder of Who we are as Christ.  Another aspect of this theme is that since our ego is directly manifest in the body, we ultimately shirt this identification to the spirit that is our Self.”

OK, now his introductory comments about our lesson for today, 91:

“The title of the first lesson in this series expresses its them of the MIRACLE, the choosing of which is the CAUSE that leads to VISION, the EFFECT. (I chose to capitalize all four words for emphasis.)  We are reminded that vision has nothing to do with the body’s eyes, but with a state of mind that is achieved by choosing Jesus as our teacher.  Thus we perceive the world through the lens of forgiveness, rather than the ego’s judgment.”

A few more excerpts I found beneficial:

“We are not asked to deal a great deal, like teach the Holy Spirit’s lessons, but only to choose Him as our Teacher as an expression of our little willingness.  We are not even asked to learn His lessons, for that will come later.  Jesus asks us but to recognize we have been wrong in our choice of teacher, and to understand there is another One in our minds to Whom we can go.  (WOWOWOWOWOW)

As our fear diminishes and we choose the correct Teacher, we learn His lessons.  At first the little willingness expresses the happy thought we are wrong.  We are even more grateful there is Someone within us Who is right.  This is the first and perhaps the most important step, because it moves us to the right path.  To use another image, it places us on the right ladder.  How long it takes to climb to the top is of no real concern, for what alone is important is that Jesus helps us find our way home.  Finding it again, means happily realizing we are wrong about where we thought it was.”

With respect to the question, “But I am not a body.  What am I?”, he writes:

“The question Jesus raises is:  If you are not a body, what are you?  Reading that carefully should strike terror in your heart, because you would suddenly have to address his question.  Who are you if not your problems, list of grievances, personality, skin color, sex, height, weight, age, nationality, etc.?  We are thus returned to the bottom line of ACIM:  our ability to understand that everything we made is false.  Our goal is to say that we are glad – truly glad – that we are wrong.  The miracle is the means whereby we come to recognize our mistaken choice, made not in the body but the mind, and so corrected there.”

OK, who among us has not identified with some or all of the above categories or classifications?  I certainly have had and still have a litany of grievances, I define myself by certain characteristics that form my “personality”, I am aware I am Caucasian, female, on the taller side, very thin, older, mostly of English/Irish and German descent, etc.  I have also identified myself by what Dad and Mom did on a professional basis, what I did as well, where I went to college, etc., oh, and my political, religious and spiritual perspectives.  Gosh, the list is endless of the ways in which we all identify ourselves, most deeply and unconsciously, with our bodies.  Oh my goodness, I forgot about sickness, disease, ailments, proclivities, genetic predispositions, OK, that’s enough of that.

AH, but according to Jesus through Ken, I can get on the ladder home, I have chosen the “right” ladder, I am increasingly willing to be WRONG much of the time albeit with some mild or intense resistance, but AH again, the willingness to be wrong means I know Jesus will help me, will correct my errors.  He and I together can look at my “thoughts of inadequacy, failure and self-hatred.  Such non-judgmental looking enacts the correction, enabling me to see through the illusions to the light of truth.”  (Paraphrased from Ken’s thoughts.” I won’t deny my body and its needs, however, I sure as heck can change its purpose, that it, for the Holy Spirit or Jesus to use to enable me to play my role in salvation, whatever that means.

Have a lovely day!



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