I will wrap up Ken’s thoughts on Review III’s Introduction today, here goes:


Jesus’ final plea, then, is for us to use these lessons and not forget them, and when we do forget, to forgive ourselves.

Our learning has nothing to do with the intellectual mastery of a thought system.  As students of ACIM, we must certainly understand the text’s teaching.  However, understanding without application is meaningless – thus a text and a workbook.  Practicing the lessons – being vigilant for our resistance to the truth – will help us a great deal.  Note, too, the appeal to our humility be being reminded how little we have learned.  Recognizing we still have much to learn leaves us open to learning it, reminiscent of a somewhat similar statement in the fourth stage of the development of trust in the manual for teachers:  “He (the Teacher of God) has not yet come as far as he thinks: (M-4.I-A.6.10); there yet remain stages five and six.

“God’s need”, of course, is metaphoric.  We would all be in serious trouble if God needed us.  When Jesus speaks of our Father’s need, he is reflecting ours to accept the Atonement and remember we are already complete as God’s Will.  He thus asks us to think of our goal as we practice.  Remembering that we want to be healed because we want to awaken from the dream of pain is what motivates us to practice, practice, practice.  All teachers desire their students to learn, and Jesus is no exception.  He cannot help us without our wanting to be helped.”

Make note that Ken is speaking to paragraphs 12 and 13 above, the last two paragraphs in the introduction.



Bill’s has been fly fishing outside of Ashville, North Carolina for the last five days.  He loves the sport, always releases any fish he catches as do his companions, but he so enjoys ascertaining what flies the fish will be tantalized by, what to do when it’s windy, rainy/stormy, etc., not unlike many outdoor sports that require expertise, savvy and a willingness to continue to learn.

One night, the five guys ate at a local “dive” in a small town with about 500 inhabitants, he had fish and chips and was up all night long with food poisoning.  He was miserable and they’re all staying in a small cabin with one small bathroom.  Bill is a very private man, shares nothing with people, just very guarded so he felt as though he were on public display, if you will.  He may not be at a point yet where he can look at this as an opportunity to learn that no one cares as much as he may think they do…that by being so protective of being hurt, ridiculed, made fun of, whatever his fear may be, always is enslaving.  I write this not because I am judging him, but it helps me, this experience of his, how often I do that too.  Make assumptions about what others are thinking as opposed to tuning into what I AM THINKING and FEELING!

Last night, he informed me he has to drive to Knoxville, he flew into this city and rented a car, drove to Ashville, return the rental he had and get a one-way rental to Chicago.  His flight this morning back here was cancelled due to our lousy snowy and rainy weather, they couldn’t rebook him until tomorrow night.  It’s a nine hour drive so he had to suck it up, accept he had no alternative and spend all day driving back to Chicago.

He took it in stride.  No big deal.  He’s traveled for decades, never complains, etc.

Interesting turn of events, I’d say.

My point is this.  We are always presented with unexpected occurrences in our lives.  Will we, will I just roll with it?  Can I see and accept that I am never upset for the reason I think without justifying it, without rationalizing it, without intellectualizing it?  Can I just be with whatever I am feeling, it’s always triggered by a judgment of someone including myself or something….can I just be with it, as Rev. Deb always states?  Not resisting it, not fighting it, just being still, deeply breathing and asking for help in releasing it?

You know, Lessons 5 and 23, here they are again.  “I am never upset for the reason I think” and “I can escape the world I see by giving up attack thoughts”.

Practice, practice, practice.

Yep, that’s what I’ll do and I’ll forget, it’s OK.  I will just forgive myself for straying back into the addiction of my individuality.

Have a blessed day!



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