“The great potential of our learning lies in the ability to apply the lessons.  The gifts they offer rest in this, not the beauty of the language or the holiness of the thought.  It is their daily application, each and every day, that allows us to fulfill the wonderful potential they offer us.  (He is referring to 9:3-4 where Jesus says, “you have gained little enforcement, and have not given your learning a fair chance to prove how great are its potential gifts to you.”  Etc.)

It should be obvious by now how much Jesus wants us to apply these ideas – day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment.  Only by such diligence and attention will the mind-training purpose for these exercises be achieved.

We spend quiet time on the half hour and hour, but in the interim we should not forget the thought.  As we continue our day, busy with the multitudinous things that require attention, we hold the thought of correction in our minds as much as possible.  This is accomplished by bringing the unpleasant experience to Jesus, not by shouting it down.  We realize that the unpleasant experience has nothing to do with the external, but with our mind’s choice to fear Jesus and push him away, again.  The thought for the day, then, becomes a symbol of his presence, wisdom, and love for us.  We bring our disquiet to that love, remembering:  “I am not upset because of what someone has said or done, but because I became afraid of Jesus’ closeness.”  Such is how these lessons reinforce our learning, speeding us along to our Final Destination.”

OK.  Enough of Ken for today.  I am on the last page of six anyway so I’ll have more to share from his book in the days to come.


I am feeling weary again today.  Bill’s in North Carolina fly fishing, his passion, with four other guys although it’s pouring there so their trip may be abruptly aborted.  Happens every single time they try to do a four or five day adventure.

I find myself in overdrive when he’s gone.  Not sure what I am trying to prove, to be honest.  Had such a frantic and furiously insane-paced day on Wednesday, I poured myself into bed, abjectly exhausted.  I’ll bore you not with details.

Why do I do that?  I want the house to be spotless, yard mowed, etc., but why?  He’s no taskmaster.

Maybe it’s because I have so much time on my hands without him around at night and on the weekends that I don’t know what to do with it.  Given I am driven toward being productive, all ego, it goes into fifth gear and I start to strip the gears as a result, well seemingly so.

What to do?

Hey, I am aware of it.

I am aware of this propensity, yeah for me!

I will consciously slow down today.  I will remember I am pushing Jesus away ever time I am consumed with my litany of things to do.

Yes, that’s what I’ll do and I will accept the ego is in charge and I am allowing it to be and do so.

So absurd and self-defeating!

Have a lovely day!



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