I will begin my post with a few excerpts from Ken’s book which were very meaningful to me, here goes:

“(4:1) Here are both giving and receiving seen as different aspects of one Thought whose truth does not depend on which is seen as first, nor which appears to be in second place.”

Ken’s thoughts on the above:

“Once again, in the specialness bargains on which our relationships are based, there is a given and receiver; and we want to be on top, giving as little as possible to receive as much as we can.  To correct this ego axiom of I win, you lose, Jesus says later in the workbook:  “I choose the second place to gain the first” (W-pII.328).  When I no longer have to be number one, I choose to be God’s Effect.  I thus remember I am one with my Source, which puts me first because in God there is no first and second.

In the dream, we reflect the truth of our oneness by living without winners and losers, happily understanding we do not have to steal love, destroy another to get what we want, or be right.  If we learn this lesson, realizing we all are part of the one Son, we will have attained the non-judgmental state of mind in which there is only vision.”

In response to (4:3-5:3), he writes:

“The message is clear: all is one.  We have learned that in forgiving one person totally we have forgiven everyone, because one brother is all brothers.  Thus Jesus says that our only responsibility is to accept the Atonement for ourselves (T-2.V.5:1), which we apply to our special relationships.  Within that specialness is found the entirety of the ego’s thought system and the world’s, just as in my forgiveness is found the entirety of the Holy Spirit’s thought system – one problem, one solution.”

In response to (9:1-3), he writes:

“How wonderful to learn that when we give we receive, and how instructive to see our resistance to accepting the truth that our guiltlessness deserves the peace and love we give our brothers!  If we do not experience this peace, it is because we are not offering it.

Regardless of the ego actions of others, our perception has only to do with a decision our minds make.  We must always receive what we ask for; we must always receive what we give:  guilt or forgiveness, separation or unity.”

In response to (10:1-2), he writes:

“My pain, unhappiness, and misery are the inevitable result of my belief that the ego is right and a better teacher than the Holy Spirit.  The effect – what I receive – directly follow its cause – what I give.  I give only what I wish to learn:  the ego’s separation or the Holy Spirit’s Atonement.  Accepting this fact without argument speeds us along the pathway Home.”

This is a lovely lesson as it enables me, you, all of us to offer what we want to experience to everyone.  Jesus, also, suggests that we can think of one person to whom we wish to offer these gifts of peace, whatever works, right?  He is so gentle, no strong arming, no explicit directives, just some loving suggestions as to how we can enhance our practice.

Being among family for several days presented numerous forgiveness opportunities, not only because my flight was cancelled, but, also, because I was staying with my twin sister and although she and I are very much alike in many ways, there are seeming differences between us as well.  I get I need not make them real, however, I also realize I must look at the darkness in my own mind so that I may be helped.  I am doing that with no sense of urgency.

Have a peaceful day!



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