As many of you know, I flew to Philadelphia to attend a baby shower for my sister’s youngest daughter, Lindsay.  She and her husband work for Bill and me, she has now for seven years, he for about four years or so.

Given Chicago’s weather on Sunday, freezing rain for several hours that turned into snow, there were hundreds of flights cancelled, including mine.  By the time Bill could check out alternatives, everything was booked until Tuesday morning.  Since I had already been dropped off at the airport, not knowing flight was cancelled, many veteran travelers sensing this would happen, had gobbled up flights out on Monday.

As I begin to unwind a bit, I will share more of my journey into acceptance.  Right now, I will just share a few thoughts from Ken as he writes in response to “And yet you will be glad to look again upon this world.  For you will bring with you the promise of the changes which the truth that goes with you will carry to the world.” (10:1-2):

“What are these changes?  Before I asked Jesus for help, I was miserable, angry, depressed, anxious, and a very unhappy victim.  Realizing I would be happier with a new teacher, I released my investment in the ego’s specialness.  Thus I am seen differently, for I am different.  As the workbook says later:  I “smile more frequently”, reference to lesson 155.  This indicates something has changed – anger and depression to happiness and joy – and says, in effect:  because minds are one, the choice I have made you can make, the teacher I have chosen is in your mind as well.”

“Our happiness demonstrates his life in us.  This does not mean we literally walk around smiling, but that we remain peaceful, knowing that nothing in the world has power to disrupt our peace.  Living in the presence of Jesus’ love means we live with his presence all the time.  Our quiet joy witnesses to his truth in our minds, as all ego thoughts are gently laid aside.  The joy born of the forgiveness of ourselves extends gladly through the Sonship and is carried to the world.”

As I do a bunch of laundry, completely unpack, take Gracie for a walk, etc., I will just remember today’s lesson.  I need not understand it, I need not work at it, all I need do is relax and trust that what I need is there and it is there for me to receive.  When I am able to, I receive God’s gifts so I may give them.

Have a lovely day!



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