Let’s put these together, easy, peasy — I am as God created me to be, that is as light, joy and peace!

Usually I bring up the first portion of the lesson, what we believe about ourselves and that is pretty nasty thoughts..recoil like a poisonous snake and all. Instead I’d rather focus on the truth about us. We fall too easily into the “other” thoughts, so let’s cultivate the joy, the light and peace and everything else we are entitled to as God’s Son. For me, I find this best in meditation. I have gone through a period of feeling overwhelmed with projects besides the usual activities of my life. When I start to feel overwhelmed, I know I can get cranky. Then, the crankiness can lead to feeling down and there goes the spiral to hell.

Instead, I find stopping whenever I can, and I found myself doing this while even making a ten minute journey today, to breathe and remember that everything else does not matter at the moment. What matters is my peace of mind. If I make a mistake, I’m still innocent. If I forget a task on my list, I’m still whole. The joy comes in remembering that I can rise above what my ego mind says to what Holy Spirit whispers so lovingly to me, “You are Love eternally.”

Finding time to be still, even in those precious moments 5-15 minutes when we have a break between activities, is enough to remember this. In fact, we are reminded to remind ourselves five minutes of every hour and even remind ourselves more frequently. I know the more often I do, the better I feel. We are given the tools at our disposal to release the fearful thoughts that appear, use them and it will make a difference.

Yes, I repeat myself in this. Why wouldn’t I? It’s about practical application my dear friends, it really is.

In Joy,
Rev. Deb

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