I am as God created me.

I sat with the thought of “I am as God created me.” I can see why this is the only lesson repeated a few times in the Workbook. It is a thought I can tend to forget. Yet, if I accept it fully, it wipes the slate clean of all I believed in the past, all my past thoughts and all my future worries.

I am free in this lesson. I needed this as I felt the limitation of time and deadlines with clients. Do I have to be obsessed with it? No, I can only be in one moment at a time. My creation by God is not if I satisfy worldly demands immediately. Nothing here can change the truth. My belief can change. My thoughts can change. The truth will never change.

I need not feel limited when today’s idea is about limitlessness. “The birthplace of miracles,” Jesus says. The restoration of my mind commences with these few words:

I am as God created me. His Son can suffer nothing.
And I am His Son.

And here I thought I was something else. I prefer the reminder of truth and I will remember to recall today’s lesson often. I’ll tune in to how I am feeling and choose to remember. Is it really that hard to remember these simple words? I think not.

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