My goodness, we are wrapping up ten days of our third review, amazing how time flies!

OK, let me begin by providing Ken’s thoughts on the last five days of review:


Lesson 116:  “The theme of happiness returns, and we remember that the statement that God’s Will for us is perfect happiness corrects the ego’s teaching that God’s Will is that we suffer as atonement for our sins.  Forgiveness reflects our acceptance of His Love as all we want and all we are.  There is nothing else.”

Lesson 117:  “Since the Love of God is all there is, why would I seek for anything else?  To do so condemns me to a life of frustration, depression, and pain.  I choose instead the joy that attends acceptance of the love that alone is mine, the heritage our loving Father has given us.”

Lesson 118:  “I happily accept God’s peace and joy to the extent I set aside my feeble voice that speaks only of separation, specialness, and death.  Now I hear the mighty Voice for Truth remind me that I am God’s Son, perfect as He is perfect, and in that remembrance I am at peace at last.”

Lesson 119:  “Over and over Jesus reminds us that through our forgiveness – of others and ourselves – we will awaken from the nightmarish dreams of sin and guilt to the glorious truth of our Self:  God’s Son who rests safely in the Mind of His Creator.”

Lesson 120:  “Our review ends with the happy thought that despite “all sick illusions of myself” and the world, I have never ceased to rest in God.  His Voice becomes the only voice I hear, and Its Love guides me gently through my day.  I remain at rest, “in quiet and in perfect certainty,” for I remember I am as God created me, and nothing in the world can change the changeless in my mind.”


Love this last day of review’s thoughts from Jesus and from Ken.

Today, although my plate appears to be full, I will focus on resting in God and remembering I am as God created me.

I can be at peace regardless of what may happen or not happen.  I can relinquish all outcomes and expectations.

I was a bit annoyed this morning as my husband and I, as business owners, disagree about paying our niece/employee maternity coverage when she has her baby in July.  When I worked as HR Director for a very large company many years ago, short term disability was free and maternity leave, a given.  Without going into details or the form of this matter, they don’t have any relevance anyhow, they’re just interpretations on his part and mine, let’s just say that this is an elegant opportunity for me to let it all go.

It’s all about specialness, special love, special hate and I tire of it.  I tire of our disagreements about what’s fair, what’s right, etc., as it pertains to her and this has gone on for almost seven years now.

If I allow my identity to triumph as a former high level professional who knows, ha, ha, what’s best and what’s “right” for employees, well then, I will be uptight, annoyed, no enraged, etc.  If I just release the need to be right and trust that this mess will all play out for the Highest Good of all, I can simply continue to rest in God, remembering only the truth about all involved. Hmm…and my choice of words such as “mess”, BTW, isn’t helpful to me either, I get that.  Oh and I tire of it too is all ego.  Tired of IT too, LOL!

Yes, I will do that.  The conflict is in my mind, the war is in my mind, think I’ll get above the battleground and recognize how silly it all is.

Have a lovely day!



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