Violent thunder storm here after a snow/rain storm on Saturday, insane weather here in Chicago, so variable, by the time I get to mow, it will be a veritable field out back.

To wrap up Ken’s thoughts on these review lessons, I will tackle his minimal writing on the first five days of review and, tomorrow, the last five among the ten.  Here goes:

Lesson 111:  “We cannot truly see when we are embedded in the ego’s thought system of shadows, but we do see when we turn to the truth.  Such vision reflects the strength of Christ in us that awaits our decision to set aside the ego’s weakness.”

Lesson 112:  “The oneness of our Self is a highly important theme in the early lessons, and in these reviews as well.  If I am truly God’s Son, any belief you are separate from me denies that truth.  Therefore my special thoughts of neediness and judgment deny we are part of God’s one Self.  We first recognize the unchanging light, joy, and peace that shine in everyone, and the awaken from this happy dream as the Self abiding in the Changeless.”

Lesson 113:  “Experiencing the serenity and perfect peace that come from forgiveness, I remember that “I am one Self, united with my Creator and His creation.”  Thus is the plan of the Atonement completed, and I along with you, my brother in Christ.”

Lesson 114:  “We are thus reminded of Who we are as spirit.  This remembrance comes when we accept our function of forgiveness.  It is not so much the words of the lessons that are important, but the willingness to think of them throughout the day.  It is the thought in our minds that grants importance to the words – reflecting the Word of God – and that is the essence of these reviews.”

Lesson 115:  “When we choose to forgive, we choose for ourselves and all the world, for they are one.  Thus each of us is essential to the plan, for each of us contains the Whole.”


I like what Ken has to say on Lesson 114.  I don’t remember, for the most part, the words under each review of the day’s lessons, I sort of remember the gist, but I don’t try to memorize the exact words.  It’s the willingness and the experience of peace I am after and if I am hyperventilating about remembering the wording and/or consulting the blue book, I am, not saying you are if you do that, I am listening to the ego.  It says, “You must do this to get it right!”, etc., which is just a delaying tactic for me.

I found myself a little resentful yesterday as I was wrapping up attending to my friends’ home for almost six months.  Watering her 22 plants, mostly smaller ones to be objective in two rooms of her home, flushing toilets, running water, open cabinets to assure pipes don’t freeze, driving over their driveway if it’s snowed, attending to countless branches in their front yard that were obliterated by our strong winter winds, starting her car, driving it around the subdivision, hmm…I think that’s about it. ( They own a villa in Florida to which they journey every winter and much of the spring.)

I was proud of myself this year, I didn’t brew in my stew as I have the last seven years or so.  But yesterday, it just got to me.  It’s ego, guys, I know it.  It’s my allegiance to MY identity I am protecting, it has nothing to do with my friends, really, it doesn’t.

I am never upset for the reason I think.

If I stop interpreting everything through the ego’s filter, drop the interpretation, it just is what it is.

If I still feel encumbered in November, well then, I will just trust that I will have the courage to drop all this specialness and ego mess and deal with it in a “holy” manner, that is, walk away from the specialness of our relationship and allow its holiness to shine through.

Yep, I will do that, it’s all about me, period.  Has nothing to do with anything or anybody else.

Have a lovely day!



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