This will be my last post for a few days as I am headed tomorrow morning for Philadelphia to attend Lindsay’s shower, as you all know, she lives nearby with her husband, both of whom work for us.

I will resume posting on Monday.

I love today’s lesson.

“If sin is real, then punishment is just and cannot be escaped.”

“If sin is real, then happiness must be illusion, for they cannot both be true.”

“Pain is the cost of sin, and suffering can never be escaped, if sin is real.”

“If sin is real, its offering is death, and meted out in cruel form to match the vicious wishes in which sin is born.”

“If sin is real, salvation has become your bitter enemy, the curse of God upon you who have crucified His Son.”

“Give these five minutes gladly, to remove the heavy load you lay upon yourself with the insane belief that sin is real.”

Some of Ken’s excerpts are:

“Sin and guilt state I have done something terrible against God, Who is therefore justified in punishing me.  If I believe He is a God of Love, His punishment can only be seen as an extension of His loving Will.  Consequently, my Father wants me to suffer so I will feel better.  As Jesus asks, apropos of the crucifixion:  “Can you believe our Father really thinks this way?” (T-3.I.2:8).  Underlying this insane thinking is the ego’s need to make sin real, and then have it appear it is God’s plan that we atone for it through suffering and sacrifice.  In this lesson we find another form in which Jesus corrects that mistaken thinking.”

“This explains Jesus’ use of metaphor to describe God’s Love.  (This paragraph is Ken’s response to the sentence, “Why would he try to listen and accept Its offering?”).  We believe His Will for us is perfect misery and death.  Therefore addressing us at the level of terrified little children who have run away from home, Jesus says: “Do not be afraid.  Daddy is not angry at you.  His loving Will for you is perfect happiness.”  Thus does he undo the ego’s hateful myth of punishment by substituting a gentle tale of forgiveness.  This explains lessons like this, which counteract the ego’s view of God that inevitably leads us to shun His kind and loving Voice of salvation.”

“When you feel upset or ill, step back and say: “This is not caused by the reasons I think, but by my having believed that a wrathful God was going to punish me for my sin.  I simply made a mistake and chose the wrong teacher.  ACIM offers me the correct Teacher, Whose message of guiltlessness I now joyfully accept.”  How simple is salvation!”

I have been focusing lately on beginner’s mind, open mind, empty mind as I meditate.  I love two sentence from the fifth paragraph, third and fourth sentences, “Accept Atonement with an open mind, which cherishes no lingering belief that you have made a devil of God’s Son.  There is no sin.”

If I am a jerk toward someone or crucify myself, I am just afraid, simple as that, I am afraid to experience God’s Love, I am afraid of redemption.  I am afraid to be still, to be open, to listen to the Voice for God as I clearly, unconsciously, believe in sin and am attracted to it.  I clearly believe I will be punished so I often punish myself.  Unbelievable what I do to myself, what we do to ourselves when we are aligned with ego.

Inch by inch, step by step up the ladder the ego took us down.  I am on the right ladder now, I may be at its bottom, doesn’t matter. 

I intellectually get that the “truth is true” and I will take Jesus’ hand when I am not too scared and ask for His Help.

Have a lovely day!



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