LESSON 92 – Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one.
Keys to this Lesson

This is the extension of yesterday’s lesson.
We think we see with our body, eyes and brain.
We think we think with the brain.
God’s strength in you is the light in which you see and the Mind with which you think.
It is weakness that believes we see through the eyes.

Strength overlooks the past.
It keeps the focus on the light and the Truth.
Weakness cannot see a purpose in forgiveness and in love.
It makes comparisons and differences.
Truth sees all as one.
The light of strength is constant, sure as love.
The strength in you will offer you the light and guide you.


20 minutes, twice today, morning and evening.
Close your eyes.
LET yourself be brought unto your Self.
Leave the dark behind so we can practice in the light.
We are approaching the meeting place of self and Self where light and strength are one.

Throughout the day repeat the idea as often as possible.
Recognize we are being led to the light where miracles are perceived.


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