Lesson 88
“The light has come. I am under no laws but God’s.”
Here is another cause and effect lesson for me. It begins with the assurance that the light within, which I spoke of yesterday, has already arrived. I don’t have to go anywhere to find it, except to take the journey inward. Once I do, I will find that I am free from the limitations I have imposed on myself. Have I done this? No. If I had, I would not be here, but I’m not discouraged, for I am not traveling on the inner journey alone. My Elder Brother, Jesus, is with me, and so, my mighty companions, are you. Thank you.

Lesson 89
“I am entitled to miracles. Let miracles replace all grievances.”
Grievances don’t take our inheritance away; they just make it impossible for us to perceive it. As part of God’s One Creation, we are heirs to all the love, joy, and peace of God, but if we hang onto grievances, the world we perceive holds none of these things. For this reason, the shifts in perception from fear to love which are the miracles are blocked. It isn’t always easy to let the grievances go; in fact, it’s very difficult at times, but, speaking for myself, I want the miracles to which I’m entitled, and the only way I can have them is to give up the anger, frustration, etc. that hinder them from coming to me.



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