Feeling quite scattered today, B. and I watched a rather weird, odd, but finally entertaining movie with Jeff Bridges and Chris Hemsworth.  Very long one, over two hours and it took about 45 minutes to get into the plot.  So bizarre, perhaps, that I had some pretty disjointed and outlandish dreams, but, as usual, I digress.

Love today’s lessons’ review. A few comments from Ken this morning, they help me to get and stay grounded, hope they help you too:

“The important point, emphasized again and again, is that we choose to hold grievances because we are afraid of the love in our minds, because in its presence our special existence is gone.  Thus are our grievances purposive, and until we change our purpose – from remaining asleep to awakening – the grievances will persist, if not consciously, the remaining fiercely active in the vaults of guilt well beyond our awareness.  Our function of forgiveness likewise will remain hidden from us as we continue to obey the ego’s laws of guilt and projection instead of God’s law, reflected in the Holy Spirit’s miracle.”

In response to Jesus’ suggested practices of Lesson 77’s review, Ken writes:

“Once again we observe the simplicity of Jesus’ message: no complicated formulas or exercises, no intricate metaphysics or theology.  All we need do is observe, with his gentle love gently beside us, how our judgments keep us from we the peace we so fervently desire.  Each circumstance throughout the day offers us the opportunity to forgive ourselves by choosing the “miracle instead of a grievance, Jesus’ true perception – the vision of Christ – is not ours for the asking and accepting.  Perhaps today.”

In reference to Lesson 78’s review, Ken speaks to our decision to seemingly separate from God and his Love.  He writes:

“After all, our very existence is proof we pulled off the impossible, and so He is wrong and we are right.  Needless to say, we carried this arrogant stance of “rightness” into the specific events of our specific lives.  At some point, however, we realize there must be another way, and that being right has not brought us happiness.  We realize we are happy because we were wrong, as we return to the choice point in our minds and ask the Holy Spirit to help us look at the situation differently:  His way instead of ours.”

Finally, toward this review’s end, he writes:

“We pledge now that this is the lesson we wish to learn: the universality of the Son’s wrong and right minds, and the oneness of Heaven’s love.  We wish to learn this, and nothing else.”

I gravitate to Ken’s writings because it is he who helps me avoid the trap of blissninnyhood, to be honest, not sure if there’s such a word, who cares?

I have lots of grievances and they’re right there within my mind, but they’re ever so minor.  It’s as though the radio station, WEGO, is set at such a low volume that I can hardly hear it, but I sense it’s on and not off.  These are the grievances that aren’t major, aren’t glaring, aren’t fraught with angst and tension.  For example, I do stay on top of the political arena and read yesterday that a certain party made a rather unkind comment about a member of the opposing part’s neck.  It was done in front of thousands of supporters at a rally in Michigan.  I cringed, the comment was unflattering and uncalled for, my opinion.  Base, demeaning, juvenile are adjectives that came to mind and I quickly moved on.  I figured since I am praying for the person who made the comment, I need not specifically forgive him for this yet another incident of bullying.

WRONG!  That’s what Ken was cautioning us about in my first excerpts from his commentary.  I can delude myself into believing I am forgiving when I am just repressing or suppressing or burying or denying all the ways the ego will attempt to entrap me into staying in separation mode.

Hey, this is my take on this review.

I am not looking, at all, for agreement or disagreement.  I know now what works for me and I want to be happy and peaceful and I am increasingly willing to be wrong about everything!

Have a lovely day!



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