I went back to Ken’s take on Lesson 75, first paragraph:

“In this lesson Jesus speaks of the real world; and as is true of other lessons, he gives us a pep talk.  Despite what he says overtly, Jesus obviously does not expect his students to identify with the light on this particular day.  If he did, this message would not be in other lessons.  These are words of encouragement that let us know that beyond the clouds of illusion – the complexity of our anger, judgments, suffering and anxiety – there really is a light.  It is the light of the real world, the truth that shines outside the ego’s darkened dreams of separation and madness.”

A couple of paragraphs later, he writes:

“If we were to realize we simply made a mistake, taking the wrong turn because we listened to the wrong guide, we would remember the Guide Whom we could truly ask for help.  His Love would teach that our “sin” was a mistake that has already been corrected.  Thus there can be no sin, guilt, denial, or projection, and no world.  It is at that point we come to the inner light ACIM refers to as the real world.”

Very helpful to me.

I don’t have to beat myself up if I am not feeling the light today.  I can realize that it is within me and when I am ready, if only for a moment, I can experience it in the holy instant where I/we/you become “God’s one Son, symbolizing, as does Jesus, the right-minded choice for light instead of darkness.” (An excerpt from Ken later on in this lesson’s coverage.)

I enjoyed a simply wonderful, inspiring, therapeutic class last night with Rev. Deb and fellow participants.  These classes in her eight week programs are the catalyst for my feeling jazzed throughout them and afterwards as well.  I am jazzed, hopeful, feeling immeasurably connected and why not just extend it to everyone with whom I interact, either casually or more intimately, in the course of the day, any day, every day?

I talked about my epiphany with faith.  By extending love and caring not about any outcomes the ego wants, ignoring any expectations or dismissing them, well then, it matters not what the outcome is, ever!  Ever!  I am giving what I want to receive and who knows from where or from whom the extension of Love I have given will come?

It is already there anyhow for the taking.

I was reminded of “To Have, Give All to All”, “To Have peace, Teach Peace to Learn It” and “Be Vigilant Only for God and His Kingdom”, ah, that’s what Jesus meant, those are in the text, Chapter 6, Section V., The Lessons of the Holy Spirit.  Think I will reread this section in the next few days.

About Lesson 76’s review:

“I suffer only because of my belief in them.”  I make up the laws, I give them power over me, I suffer because I believe them.  They “have no real effect on me at all.”

OMG, when I think about my own laws, rules, of behavior, ways of being to which I hold myself hostage, laws I learned from my parents, teachers, etc., laws that I have read about, say, for example, those pertaining to nutrition, fitness, etc., yep, I have bought into them hook, line and sinker so much so that if I DO NOT ADHERE to them, I feel guilty and experience the effects of what not adhering them told me I could expect.

How silly and insane!

Today I remember there are no laws but God’s, that the light is within me and all I have to do is look at the blocks that I erected to prevent myself from truly experiencing the love of God and knowing what the review of these two lessons state.

We are all so blessed to have found ACIM, to have found our way to this ministry, to have one another with whom we can study and practice.

Have a lovely day!



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