I am realizing more and more how “rigid” I can be when I have decided I want a particular portion of my day to play out the “perfect” way, a/k/a the ego’s plan for my salvation.

I bought a rather large portion of fresh salmon for dinner which I would roast for Gracie and me, as accompaniments, a large salad with a holistic salad dressing, Avocado Ranch, and brussel sprouts, my favorite.

I prepared it all at around 7:30, figuring I would eat at around 8 PM.  B. is out of town until late this morning so I am all alone.

My twin called me and was sobbing as the salmon was hot out of the oven, cooked to perfection, I’d say.  Sprouts and salad were ready too.

Her husband died 33 years today of a massive heart attack leaving her with two daughters, two and 14, and a son, 11.  She was feeling overwhelmed with grief and sadness.

In the meantime as I tried to listen with enormous compassion and extend love to her, B. beeped in about every five minutes, to the point where it was most annoying.

I won’t bore you with all the details, but suffice it to say, I sat down at around 8:45 or so to cold salmon, overheated brussel sprouts and a soggy salad.

I did feel put out, it was frustrating.  I had worked hard all week on our business taxes, cleaned at least half of the house, etc., and felt “entitled” to an evening of a good dinner and several Hallmark movies.

I did feel victimized until I stopped that madness and remembered what matters.

Doesn’t matter one hang if my dinner were less than stellar.  I responded to my twin, took B.’s relentless calls in stride, connected briefly with him, he was in such a mischievous mood, “devilish” with a dear friend, the owner of the business in which we have a franchise and have had 25 years now.

I can bring peace to every situation, I can forgive every scenario that catches me off guard, inconveniences me.  I don’t need to feel interrupted or a victim of others’ actions.

I can lean into them, I can learn from them.  I can regard everything as an opportunity to forgive, love and extend peace.

I can also forgive myself when I allow the ego to dominate my thoughts, to pursue its goals of separation through me.

Today’s lessons’ reviews are timely for me.

May I remember that I can bring peace to every mind through my forgiveness and, also, try not to forget my function by forgiving.

And I forget and I will, I will get back on track swiftly as I recall these practices are dedications to the “way, the truth and the life”.

Have a lovely day!



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