I love Review II’s Introduction, this is what stood out for me:

I am being taught to listen quietly, but attentively.  For me, this means just slowing down and working at being still and open.

WOW!  There is a message that is waiting for me if I am able to be still and listen.  I know this doesn’t mean I will hear a Voice, but as I still my mind, I get that if I remain open throughout the day, the “answer” to a problem with which I might be wrestling will emerge in some form.  Or not.  Doesn’t matter.  Over time, it matters less.  One problem, one solution.  I need not try to figure anything out.  Just be aware of my grievances and be willing to let them go with help.

I am being taught the power of the mind to choose with “Do not allow your intent to wave in the face of distracting thoughts.”  “They have no meaning and no power.”  Ah, but I can intend to be focused on truth and light, I can accept my thoughts are meaningless and powerless, that my will “has power over all fantasies and dreams.”

I am being taught to trust in the power of the mind to transcend and heal. Trust.  I can trust it “to see me through, and carry me beyond them all.” (I changed Jesus’ “you” to “me”.)

WOW!  I am to regard these practice periods as “dedications to the way, the truth and the life.”  If I am dedicated to salvation, I will/can/shall REFUSE to be “sidetracked into detours, illusions and thoughts of death.”  How powerful is the mind to choose the Holy Spirit, to rise above appearances, to get above the battleground, to refuse, WOW!, to be sidetracked, delayed, detoured which is all about choice, bottom line!  Love this!

For me, this Introduction is almost as though Jesus is cheerleading us on to getting beyond our perceptions, judgments, grievances with determination, conviction, commitment and trust.

I woke up this morning in a fog.  Not having slept most of the week, I was super tired last night, went to bed at 11 and got up at 6:30, highly unusual.  Found myself confused and a bit overwhelmed.  So jazzed I was after last night’s class with Rev. Deb and fellow participants, I just felt so desirous of finding the light, basking and luxuriating in it and staying there…right away, NOW, this instant!  Ah, BUT, I saw all the clutter in the kitchen and family room, etc., and immediately went down the rabbit hole with conflict.

I was delayed in calling in for our Workbook call because B. called, he’s in Orlando, and I missed M. reading the first few paragraphs of the Introduction.  I clearly don’t like being interrupted from my very comfortable routine.

However, I sat quietly as M. directed for the full 10 minutes of meditation. and what I got was “RISE ABOVE!”  Pretty darned simple, isn’t it?  Two words, RISE ABOVE! 

As I reflect on my euphoria from last night, my brain fog this morning, my calling late for the WB call, etc., I realize it just took a few minutes to come back to center and grasp that all my thoughts of brain fog characterized by confusion and conflict were meaningless and powerless.  I simply allowed those pesky detours, but with the Holy Spirit’s GPS system of immediate correction, I quickly and easily found my way back to peace.

So happy to be on this journey with ALL OF YOU!



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