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Both Ken Wapnick and Rev. Deb have been very clear about this lesson.  It is very easy to assume that I shouldn’t take medicine if I am ill or I can eat whatever I please since there are no laws but God’s.

I believe the point Jesus is making is we are all still very much mired in the body, its needs, concerns, worries, “idols”, addictions, etc.  Shoot, what about many individuals’ obsession with social media or many having a need to check their phones about every 30 seconds?  It’s all the same, it’s all form.

OK, to switch from we to I since I can only speak to my own experience, if I change the purpose of the body with tons of help from Jesus or the Holy Spirit, well then, I will be guided as to what modalities, tools, etc., would be helpful to assure I am able to serve as a channel of communication for the extension of God’s love.

Let me share a few examples of the laws of the ego in which I have believed and am now challenging:

I must work very, very hard, go above and beyond, be willing to put in ungodly hours to prove I am worthy to receive a generous salary and perks.

I must have sufficient money to meet my needs and, also, assure I can help support our family, immediate and extended, and enjoy some of the “finer” things of life.

I must assure that I focus primarily, gosh, almost strictly, on holistic modalities for me as well as our beloved dogs, Gracie is our fifth.  B., my husband, shares the same beliefs.

I must do Yoga at least an hour a day to feel good about myself.

I must understand ACIM, every passage, etc., to prove I am a good and dedicated student even if this becomes an idol to the extent that my practice is compromised by my addiction to perfectionism.

OK, how do these beliefs work for me?

In retrospect and with help beside me, I see I was often, all too often, fueled by the ego’s drive to seek and do not find, to look outside myself for joy and peace.

I won’t suggest I haven’t had some moments of happiness, however, what I see now is that it was dependent upon the next event that brought excitement and seeming connection.  If there were a death or conflict in any form, I would, certainly, go from anticipation of future joy to the doldrums, that emotional roller coaster to which I have been dedicated.

If I no longer want to torment myself in the mind which is where this takes place, my choice for separation, separate interests, specialness, then I must get above the battleground and choose differently, choose to have Him use my seeming body for communion in every form of my life.  Like yesterday’s lesson stated, if I am willing to trust, if I am willing to forgive and in today’s, if I am willing to challenge all the laws in which I believe that cause me to suffer, well, I will have brought all my illusions to the truth for healing and will experience that the light really didn’t come, I brought all my distortions to it.  It was and always has been within my mind for my access.

Have a lovely day!



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