This is a whopper of a lesson.  It helps me to better intake yesterday’s on only God’s plan for salvation will work, period.

I don’t even have to accept that lesson, I can resist it, still believe that some aspect of my plan, a/k/a the ego’s plan, will work, however, it helps me today to just focus on the fact that as long as I “see” anyone’s body as “real” including my own, I will be in attack, not ever in acceptance mode.

Whew!  This is a “big” one for me.

Much of any given day, I am inclined to perceive myself as a body, to be totally forthright.  I end up short many days, short in the sense that whatever I had planned to do is incomplete, unfinished and I allow the ego voice, clamorous and shrieking to tell me I am inadequate, not enough, that anyone else could breeze through whatever tasks I established for myself.

Oh, but if I am in self-attack mode, I will surely project this unconscious guilt onto anyone and everyone.  You know that “angry animals” reference in today’s lesson.

Take for example what is ALL OVER THE NEWS yesterday and today.  Many celebrities, lawyers, CEOs, etc., paid dearly and elaboratively to assure their offspring attended among the most prestigious universities and colleges in the USA, Yale, Stanford, Georgetown among them.  Two well-known actresses are in the mix.

Yikes!  I found what was cited as how they did this to be reprehensible and abhorrent.  One spent one half a million to assure her daughter was accepted into USC as a member of their crew team, never having participated in this sport, number one, and only desiring to have fun and party at this school.

OH, it is all too easy to separate this occurrence from our attack thoughts as an integral part of our practice, my practice.

So easy to focus on this instead of my applying any lesson to my life with diligence and willingness.  But, I quickly recognized it.

In a lesson coming up, Lesson 134, Jesus urges as to see forgiveness as it is and practice, practice, practice on everything.

But, I digress.

Whether I am watching the news and updating myself on the latest in the political arena or intaking what I referenced above, etc., it matters not.

We are being taught to include anything and everything as we practice, to become aware of those “angry animals” seeking their prey to assure the guilt we experience in the mind is projected outward to anything we “see” so as not to deal with it. 

It is NEVER the form of a given scenario, it is the content.  So, I can believe the actresses’ behavior and decision-making was unacceptable, unethical, immoral and unfair, but there certainly have been instances in my life where I could state the very same thing.  Just different form and there are no degrees or levels in the thought system of separation, all illusions are illusions, there is no hierarchy among them.

Jesus told Helen Schucman, “A desert is a desert is as desert.  Leave the desert.”

I will do that today, leave the desert to find the garden of peace and serenity and I will only find it, luxuriate in it and be thankful for it by accepting God’s plan for salvation and relinquishing all FORMS of attack, all of them.

Have a lovely day!





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