I enjoy the clouds’ metaphor that has been referenced the past two days.

Clouds, for me, meaning/signifying problems, idols, etc., that are fueled by the guilt in my mind for having separated from God.

I made them up and look outside of me for remedies.

For example:

Clothing that becomes me, that is flattering to my body type.  When I professionally worked in the corporate world, my wardrobe was “impressive” and elaborate, I made sure of that.  Must have wanted to stand out, must have wanted attention, don’t know, matters not.  Now, sure I want to be suitably attired, but it is no longer an idol. 

Holistic modalities for decades, I mean that, for decades long before they became more mainstream, if you will.  Not that this is bad or wrong, it’s just that it was mindless on my part.  Seeking outside rather than going within to address the cause of my belief that any of them would permanently work.

Books, seminars, DVDs, CDs, etc., you name it, I have spent tons of dinero over decades believing that the next something I bought that was “spiritually-oriented” was IT!  The answer, the magical elixir that would finally and irreversibly heal me.  HA!

OK, enough.

Excepting for ACIM and this ministry with which I am affiliated, nothing I have ever done, pursued, believed would fix me was permanent in nature, nothing.

Not a Yoga teaching certification, a degree, marriage, relationships with family and friends, nothing, because they all reflected some form of specialness or separation.

Unless I change my mind.  Follow the Holy Spirit or Jesus whereupon I am able to extend unconditional love through any activity in any form I embrace.

Doing laundry, driving on a major highway, taking a trip to see a family member.  I can bring peace with me.

I can always ACCEPT the metaphorical “hand” of Jesus as I work my way through the clouds/darkness/problems in my mind to get to the light, the glorious and blazing light of Oneness.

I am willing, I am motivated to look at any form of idol or specialness that exists within my mind.  I am willing to recognize that the remedy of healing, total and absolute, to undo the guilt to which I have been so attached is in my mind.  It is nowhere else.

Why would I continue to seek and do not find?  I ask this of myself today.

I want to be happy.  I no longer have to be right about anything?  If I feel I do, it’s because there is a self-concept existing within my mind that I do not want to relinquish to the Holy Spirit for HIS undoing.

Fear, resistance, stubbornness, terror, whatever of redemption as Jesus states in the text.  So silly.  Ah, because it’s unknown.  So I cling to the known, my own choice to be miserable and afraid rather than to trust that the light is WHO/WHAT I am.  Until I stop the madness!

Same for you.



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