This is one powerhouse of a lesson, I believe.  I feel guided to share a few thoughts from Ken Wapnick from his book on the Workbook, if you find yourself not at all resonating with him as an author, by all means, stop reading, please.

They are:

“The content Jesus asks us to let go of involves grievances of the past, thoughts of present specialness, and fears of the future – all having to do with bodies.  We see only the clouds because we are in the clouds.  Guilt is the great blinder of the universe.  Once having identified with it, we cannot but “see” through its eyes.  But such eyes were made not to see, as we have already discussed.  Thus we cannot see the circle of light, even though it is all around us; indeed, even though it is us.”

“We think our problems are in the cloud banks of the world, just as we believe our solutions are found there as well.”

And I love this:

“Our pain causes us to admit we were wrong.  Holding judgments, grievances, specialness in any form does not work.  Nothing works, except letting them all go.  At some point we will come to accept this truth for ourselves.  Until then, the lesson is merely something we do on the level of behavior.  The clouds of guilt cannot stop us unless our minds give them the power to do so.”

“As we experience the ego’s clouds of guilt and fear, anxiety and depression, we try to remember Who goes with us.  It is only through this experience of trust in a power that is not us – the Love of God and not the ego – that we are finally able to go through the clouds to the light.”

To share my own experience, yesterday I talked to my twin sister, L.  She and our youngest sister, A., talk on the phone every day as do my twin and I.  For whatever reason, doesn’t matter anyway, both of them appear to be quite hard on our middle sister, W.  I mean, nitpicky harsh.  W. is experiencing some ill side effects from some meds she’s taking, both MD-prescribed and over the counter he recommended, which include an intense and extensive rash on her elbow and leg that looks as though it’s ablaze.

L. was chatting away about how awful it looked and how wrinkled her skin was around the elbow, not quite sure how she expressed it, and I found myself rather repelled by the pettiness of her comments.  There are few days she doesn’t appear to descend into darkness about W. in some form.

Now…they do not have a “history” of affection or trust between them.  I won’t bore you with details, they matter not.

But, what I want to communicate today is that my resistance of her commentary, my judgment of it, my defending W. in my own mind and, often, offering a differing perspective on her behavior or attitude is no different than L.’s criticism of W.

Oh my goodness, how easy it is for me to believe I AM RIGHT in my perceptions.  Shoot, I do this when I watch the leader of our country, I do this with my sisters, I am so deluded that I am right, you know, on the side of truth, honor, integrity, certainly that I don’t always realize that I am no different in my decision for separation.

Ah, BUT I was aware of it as I was talking to L.  Yeah for me and I am determined to think differently, above all else.  I remember today, “Salvation is our only need.”

“Very quietly” will I go about my day as I practice.  I will “try to let go of all the content that generally occupies my consciousness.”

I will ponder the importance of what I am “trying to do for yourself (myself) and the world.”  I will “try to settle down in perfect stillness, remembering only how much you (I) want to reach the light in you (me) today, – now!”

Hmmm…all He asks is a little effort and small determination.  He asks we have confidence in our Father today, that we be certain He has heard us and answered us.

I truly want to allow the power of God to work in me and through me that His will and mine be done.

Awareness is key for me.

And openness.

Just being open to realizing my own grievances in all their insidious forms, acknowledging my annoyingly blind commitment to being right, becoming increasingly aware of how hidden/subtle my condemnation of others and myself can be and being just a little willing to have it all undone to reach the light.

Yes, I am better understanding “There is no other purpose here, and no other function to fulfill.  Learning salvation is our only goal.”

Have a blessed day!





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