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Jesus states in this lesson, “We need great honesty today”.  Since it’s a long lesson and I read today, there wasn’t enough time for me to undertake the long practice period suggested of 10 to 15 minutes.  I did so after our call was over.

I decided I wasn’t going to kid myself, I would be as honest with myself and Jesus as I can possible be for my own healing.  What I realized as I was totally open to candor with Him was that I don’t always buy the first premise.  Hey, that’s honest and it also reflects integrity within myself.  Of course, I do not intellectually believe God is evil, I sure don’t.

BUT…do I believe I have done “evil” acts, thought “evil” thoughts, etc.?  Yes.

Do I believe that life for many has been unfair, unjust and undeserved?  Yes.  My sister’s daughter died last year of glioblastoma at the age of 38, she was her only child.

Do I believe some have deserved harsh punishment for having committed murder, etc.?  Yes.

Do I believe I have been victimized throughout my life?  Yes.

So how could I buy the first premise if I am still clinging to the ego thought system, even now?

OK, I felt as though Jesus were responding to my thoughts with, “Atta girl, this is the honesty I want from you.”

How can I buy the second premise if I don’t believe the first, pray tell?

I need not elaborate, I need not drone on and on.

I just want to be healed, period.

And to have it done for me, I realize I have to be willing to look at my own darkness, a/k/a really look at the beliefs that underlie my thoughts, actions, my convoluted, upside down and “evil” thinking.

Hey, I wasn’t real happy about what came forth, but right this very moment, I am very peaceful as I didn’t deny or question or buy or suppress my beliefs that have kept me stuck in misery and self-pity.  I just talked to Jesus about them.

As I did and will, I find that moving forward to accept the syllogism Jesus has laid out for us today is so much easier and much happier metamorphosis or process for me.

BTW, here’s the definition of a syllogism for you:

It is a kind of logical argument that applies deductive reasoning to arrive at a conclusion based on two or more propositions that are asserted or assumed to be true.

Oh, and look up honesty in the Manual for Teachers, I often refer to its definition or characteristic as described by Jesus when I am feeling enormous conflict.  All that means is I am acting in a manner or thinking in a manner that is “evil”.  LOL!

Truth is true and nothing else is true.

I’ll get there.



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