Good morning,

How is everyone today?

“The blameless cannot blame, and those who have accepted their innocence see nothing to forgive.”

“I forgive all things because I feel the stirring of His strength in me.”

“I will recognize in everyone my dearest Friend.”

“I am walking steadily on toward truth.”

“As I forgive, His Love reminds me that His Son is sinless.”

I will miss the reviews.  I have found them to be so helpful.

After my breakdown/breakthrough, I realized that I truly cannot accuse anyone of anything.  I thought about Lesson 134 yesterday where Jesus admonishes us to see forgiveness as it is and reminds us that forgiveness must be practiced as we have made it unnatural. The happy news is that by my having so prayerfully and thoughtfully attended to these first 60 lessons, I have opened my heart and mind to their transformative power.

Also, I have opened my heart and mind to being wrong.  Being wrong about all my judgments and condemnation of our Mom.  She wasn’t being the Mom we wanted her to be.  Whew!  When I think about another lesson coming up, it’s Rev. Deb’s favorite, Lesson 71, it’s the belief that if this were different, I would be saved.

Ah, yes, that’s how I felt.  I wanted everything out there to be different with Mom, I wanted her to be happy and was highly critical when she just droned on and one with the same tales of victimization and self-pity.

Would I accuse myself of doing the same thing, telling tales of misery and woe?  If in ego, I focus on the form of it and say, “Hell, no”, believing my feeling victimized was clearly justified.  If I ask the Holy Spirit or Jesus for help in looking at my judgments, I see the content is the same, the decision to align with ego; my response would then have to be, “Hell, yes!”, as the form is irrelevant, the content of specialness (one of the other, kill or be killed, special interests, love/hate, etc.) was/is the same.

The promises of God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit tell me I have had it upside down.  I can accept blamelessness by forgiving.  I do this by trusting in the strength of God, knowing, ultimately, there is nothing to fear, that God is in my mind and is there to direct, guide and lead me.

Finally, I am always sustained by the love of God.  He reminds me I am sinless, I am blameless, oh, and that “I will recognize in everyone my dearest Friend.”

What idol, what children’s toy, what attachment can do this for me?

Why would I vacillate in choosing what will assure I experience nothing by love, peace and joy?

Finally, since there is no time and space, I unequivocally get that my relationship with my Mom can be healed and transformed into holiness even though she “died” in 2001.

That alone in of itself is cause and pause for celebration today!

Love to all,


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