Some years ago we offered what we called a “Healing Circle Meditation.” During the session, we envisioned the Light. First, the light began at our heart center and extended outward until the body disappeared. While we place in the circle of light our perceived issues, we find that only the light remains.

You can find some of these that we recorded from our Sunday Message archives at the link below. At that time, we also had offered this via a weekly phone conference. We no longer do so at this time. However, there is a group of people who do meet for Intentional Healing work via video conference on Mondays at Noon, Central Time. If you are interested, I can provide you with the information.

There is no alternative to light. Light is, as God is. It is for me to remember the light within myself and within all my brothers despite external circumstances.

The line “The light in you is all that I would see, [name].” reminds me of the greeting “Namaste”. I see only the light in you and you see the same in me and in knowing this, we know that we are one. That is what these practices are for, for me to remember only the Oneness between us, not the perceived separation, no matter how petty the ego may make it seem. There is joy found in Oneness.

The second review lesson (76) shows us that we are not limited beings. We are unlimited for we are of God. As a student said recently, “These “laws” are my beliefs about myself.” And so they are. A new perception is attained when I realize just how unlimited I really am. I am unbelievably unlimited that nothing can take away, nothing can overpower me, nothing at all can happen to the truth of Me. Yes, there is freedom.

Rev. Deb

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