Each morning I walk around our home opening the blinds and curtains on all of our windows to allow the light to stream through. There are times though when I have a migraine and I retire to our bedroom. The windows in the bedroom have black-out curtains. In the dark, yes I rest with my pain, yet I have no idea what is going on around me as I see no light. My headache, the grievance, keeps me hidden and alone. Whenever I am ready and can bear seeing light, I emerge from the bedroom and look upon the day. This tells me I have to be willing and ready to emerge from the grievances that I hold to see and be the light of the world.

It’s all up to me. I am the one that dimmed my mind in fear and grievance so I am the one that can choose to be aware of my Source for salvation. My salvation comes from within me and nowhere else. I can be tempted to stay in isolation without His Help, or even my brothers’ help, but what does that do for me? It only keeps me burrowing deeper and deeper into the hole I have made for myself. Instead, I can say to myself, “My salvation comes from me.” I can be strong and face the light and know my Source will keep me safe. I can say “Yes” to my Source and “Yes” to my brothers who are here to walk with me on the way Home. I choose the light instead of the darkness today.


Rev. Deb

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