In Review 65, this line “With one purpose only, I am always certain what to do, what to say and what to think.” This reminds me of the “Truly Helpful” Prayer in the Text. I step back and I allow the Spirit to step forward. Here, it is the spirit of forgiveness. Forgiveness helps me to see the world differently. I release my perception of what I think I see, be it on the news, a family member’s experience, or my own trepidations, to what is only true. What is true is the truth, the truth that I am as God created me. I am the love, light and peace of God. It is my function to share this through my own demonstrations.

Lesson 66 reminds me that when I forgive, I experience happiness. that is the happiness that occurs in letting go of the tightly held beliefs and judgments. And this, even the simple things of this world. We remember the seeming “bad” but the “good” too is all illusion: compliments, sunsets, my grandkids, and fulfilling work.  All these do no matter in Heaven because they do not exist in Truth. When I experience what I experience over the course of the day, I can remember that if I choose to be happy then I choose to release any prescribed judgments (back to the “good” and “bad”) and remain neutral. Neutral can seem ho hum and boring, but neutral is where peace is found.


Rev. Deb

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