If I see with the Eyes of Christ, everything will be touched with the Light of Love. Forgiveness is not accomplished alone, and certainly I would not “forgive-to-destroy” as Jesus indicates the differences in the supplement to ACIM, The Song of Prayer. Forgiveness with the Holy Spirit, helps me to see beyond what I see with the body’s eyes and feel with the body’s emotions. As I open to seeing my experiences in a “new light” (differently) I become aware of the power that is in me. I am vibrant and strong in the light. I forgive as I allow the world to disappear and allow peace to extend forward. I share the Love of God, and that lifts my sorrow or fear. I still acknowledge first what I feel, ask for His Help and receive His Love so that I may extend It. Peace is always mine by my own choice.

We know the function of everyday objects surrounding us, the coffeemaker, the vehicle we drive, or the computer on which I am typing this message. Those functions I know well. Why do we forget our one function to forgive? We forget because we feel guilty about accepting joy into our lives. We feel we don’t deserve better than what we have now, that is the illusion of the ego, i.e. the misery of the ego. We are comfortable in our discomfort. Why? When joy is ours by the act of simply forgiving. Give Love and receive its full benefits. This may threaten my ego, but cannot change my function in any way.


Rev. Deb

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