How do I know the problem? How do I know the answer. This is very simple except we have a multitude of problems that need solved here in the world. It merely hides our real problem. What is our real problem? That we can be separate from God. And because we think we can be separate from God, we will blame others in the world and hold them responsible for our so called “problems.” It could be one problem, a few problems or many problems. 

The problems are there because we need them to be there on an unconscious level. The real source of our problems is the decision in our minds. For what? We cannot have a problem-free life as long as we are here in the world. The ego wants us to keep searching in the world with the hope that our problems can be solved here. It also keeps the hope up that one day we will have no problems. So the more we focus in the world, the less we focus on our mind and the split. Anytime we want though we can choose again and recognize the oneness.

God’s peace is with us. It is always within us. Nothing outside of us can change that peace. Nothing that occurs in the world, in our lives, and in our relationships, can alter that peace in any way. Peace is always a matter of our own choice or decision.  That’s it! No matter what circumstances we have we can remain peaceful. And these situations could be we are either the victim or the victimizer of money, power, relationships, politics, jobs, government, justice, you name it!

Tomorrow, we find out “the rest of the story” as we learn all of our problems have been solved.


Rev. Deb

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