So now that we see we are entitled to miracles, we can see that we really do what to let miracles replace our grievous thoughts. We have tightly gripped onto the grievance, hiding it in the darkness, allowing it to eat away at us when we can bring the breeze of freedom into our mind.

As we practice with this lesson, we have dozens, nay thousands, of fellow brothers to choose from, however, there is one that needs that forgiveness at the moment of practice. We close our eyes and we allow the Light of God to show us our savior. He is there, appointed to us in this time and space, to lead us out of the hell from which we stand. Our minds open to allow this savior to walk us out of hell and we gladly clasp his hand to the green lawns of Heaven.

As I practiced this morning, no one appeared in my mind readily so I asked the Holy Spirit, “To whom should I offer this gift?”

Then the person arrived in my mind. It was someone who I had not thought about in a very long time. Yet, a grievance was still held if every slightly. I couldn’t even remember the particulars of the situation as we were co-workers decades ago and it seems so much in the distant past. Well, the illusion of past. Then, I remembered. Does it matter what this person said and how they acted toward me? No. What matters is if I can see this person in the Light of Who they are and as my savior. I join in the Holy Light and allow Love to envelop us both.

This reminds me of the meditation class I presented last night. I led the Metta or LovingKindness meditation where we start off with offering phrases of compassion towards ourselves, then to a loved one, then to a neutral person, then to a person we dislike or have an issue with, and finally to all beings.

By remembering the Love within ourselves, everyone becomes our savior as we pull the Love from within and share it heart to heart. We want only the best for each no matter if we love them dearly or disagree, say with their politics. We are all One here. What I withhold from another I am withholding from myself.

Thank you, Father, for this is so when I only choose to allow the miracle instead.


Rev. Deb

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