I am entitled to miracles! A book I wrote several years ago bore the title of this same lesson. It is the truth we are indeed entitled to miracles. We are entitled to shift from the lens of fear in which we have seen ourselves to the lens of love that only sees us as we are.

We get drawn into the fear from the ego in its insidious ways, but here today we have a tool that we can tell ourselves in any situation. “No, wait, STOP! I am ENTITLED to miracles! I do not have to think anything other than what I am entitled to!” I then lay down the grievance, judgment, accusation, belief, that I held and hold the miracle in my heart.

It is vigilance for God and His Kingdom. As we are told in the Text, we are quite vigilant for the ego. If we would use the same effort we put forth to the ego and do so for God, we would be at peace.

I can be reminded of this today any time the nerve pain and arm weakness comes into play. Not so much of wanting a “miracle” of a healing of the body, but the miracle of healing my mind around my perceptions, grievances or judgments about it. Instead of seeing myself as weak, I can see myself as God created me coupled with His strength within me.


Rev. Deb

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