The ego’s fundamental wish is to replace God. 

Take this line seriously for it is true that the ego wants to substitute itself for God for you. That is why the focus is on the body. The body hides us from the truth. As Jesus stated in this lesson, we are either focused on the disgust of our body (see the weight loss ads at the start of the new year) or we are worshipping the body (see celebrities and summer time), Yet all of this is an attack on what God created. What did God create? He extended love, that is creation, He extended love and the Son (all of us) came into being. 

We do not know what salvation, what love, what peace, what anything of God really is. We think we do and at times we have glimpses. And so we are to ask what God’s plan is for us:

What is salvation, Father? I do not know. Tell me, that I may understand.

In this question and statement, we have opened our mind to a greater possibility beyond what our mind can think and understand. When we remain closed off in bitterness and resentment, we will not hear His Voice. When we “throw all caution to the wind” so to speak, we are waiting for that information to be revealed to us. I know I have been in this space for some time. “I just don’t know” and that is an okay place to be. I wait in quiet for the Answer. The Answer always comes and probably not in a way that we expect. I know it happens that way for me. 

What is salvation? How about I stop my thinking and my outcomes and my plans and simply allow the Spirit to breathe through me. Let the wind take me where it will. I trust and believe in You, Father.



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