Grievances keep me in isolation and darkness. How can I see light if all I choose to see is my many judgments and criticisms? It’s always willingness that sets me free from the chains of judgment. I have been in a dungeon and now I can see the light. That image always comes to mind for me for some reason, the dungeon, that is. Perhaps too many Edgar Allan Poe stories when I was younger. I know that’s what my loneliness felt like, down there in the pit, never free, always believing that someone else kept me in the pits of hell, instead of realizing it was my very self that did this. 

And this I have done, I can now undo!

Today’s meditation practice has been so lovely as always as we envision the clouds. At first as heavy and dark as can be, then with the realization the clouds are only wisps of nothingness and I can move past them as easily as I care to do so. By practicing I am invoking my Holiness to show me the light of myself. I kept the truth hidden and now I can arise out of the hell I have made and into the glory of Who I am. No matter what I am feeling, and I have had a lot of feelings over the last two weeks to dissuade me from practicing truth, yet, I know the truth and I know the truth will, shall I say, “set me free!” It does and it always will.

Don’t hide your light under a bushel, NO….you are the light of the world!

In Light,

Rev. Deb

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