When I am not feeling my best, it is a blessing to have this lesson to remind me of what I have forgotten. When I have forgotten I have listened to the ego’s voice of doom. How could I possibly be holy, kind, helpful or perfect, when I feel far from any of those descriptions?

It is not because I feel that I am, that I am. It is because eternally….I AM. That is why the practice is well suited to the days we feel not our best. We need these reminders because of the distracting thoughts, the past shadows, and the self-judgment. 

When Jesus says it is “particularly helpful today to practice the idea for the day as often as you can,” there is a concrete reason for it. We forget! We listen to the voice of fear instead of the LOVE THAT CREATED US LIKE ITSELF!

We need to hear the truth repeatedly lest we forget and we forget all the time. I can speak for myself on that. It can be so very slight that we barely notice, a busy day, ), deadlines to meet, and places to go, chores to do, and when it doesn’t find the flow that I want to occur, then I misplace my birthright. 

So easily our truth can be recaptured by the remembrance. Four or five times an hour or more is not a lot to ask.

Do you want to continue the path you are on of self-condemnation?

Or, do you really want to know the Love that you are?

The answer is easy and the solution even easier. This Course is to practice, not to read the lovely words with awe. Use it and it will offer you great and wondrous gifts.


Rev. Deb

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