When I fulfill my function I am happy, simple as that. So if I start to wonder why I am not happy I need to look at what in my life needs a shot of forgiveness. It really is that simple. Not happy; forgive. We make this idea so very hard though. We seem to think it is much more than it is. It isn’t. It does not matter what situation I am in, or what thoughts I think or feelings I have, if I am not at peace or in a calm state, or if I am not experiencing a content smile upon my face, it is time to ask the Holy Spirit to look at my life with me.

I had a recent situation where I seemed to be forcing and “making things happen” because of a sense of obligation that I felt deep within. Realistically, my body, the timing, and another family member’s needs, just did not make the obligation one I could honor. All day I tried to make it work. I tried to make schemes so all could be done. I realized I am not happy. I do not need to feel guilty over having to shift my obligation to another time. I need only to forgive myself for feeling guilty and for any judgments I held up to myself in wanting to be perfect and do it all. I know I’ve learned this lesson over the years of being gentle and kind to myself when these arise. What else can we do, right? Does the continual criticism and punishment help me to feel happy? No, only forgiveness will do that. Thank God!

Peace and Happiness,

Rev. Deb

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