“Let me not wander into temptation,” Jesus says in this lesson.

May I remember that forgiveness is my function, and through forgiveness, I am set free.

My function is to be happy, as I am to be the light of the world. I am because of God. I am the Son of God of Whom He extended the utmost love.

In our lives, we have made so many substitutes for His Love. We have chased relationships as a worthy substitute, material possessions, money, knowledge, self-condemnation, superiority and inferiority, all as an unworthy substitute for what God wants for us.

I know I have done some of those myself, well, of course. We all have in one way or another.

In recent weeks, there were times I “wandered into temptation” to believe myself other than what God created. Be it illness, loss of income because of weather (and the illness), relationships, emotions, politics and I could go on. Regardless, my function is forgiveness and as I forgive, I am happy. This cannot be repeated enough.

When I forgive, I have no interpretations, no judgments, no sense of urgency, or no yearnings. If I have a reaction, I quickly pull that reaction back and ask the Holy Spirit to watch it with me. The more I do this, the more peace there is.

Certainly like all of us, I have those few issues that are button-pushers, but who pushes the button, but me? I can forgive and be happy instead.


Rev. Deb

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