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Forgiveness, it is a choice and when I made the decision for forgiveness, I am making the decision for peace.

I can look at everyday occurrences as dramas playing out, in which I am the victim, or I can choose to see beyond the veil and see that it is simply a story I am giving the power to overshadow me. I certainly have had my opportunities for drama over the last week, but I chose to forgive and see myself as unlimited.

Ken Wapnick once said that if I give my power away, then I must be the one who has power. How strange that is?! It is time to reclaim our power, and our key of forgiveness.

We can experience this decision for forgiveness in various ways in our lives. In a class session some time ago, we dialogued on how we can be the rock of peace in our lives. Various examples at the time were potentially serious health issues, rental rate hikes in a senior citizen living complex, traveling to meet with the family to empty a deceased relatives home, or dealing with downsizing and relocation.

All of the situations are students faced seemed to be different on the outside, different forms, yet, the feelings behind them were all similar. There were feelings of guilt, trepidation, worry, concern, fear, anxiety and more. It didn’t matter what the form presented, the feelings behind we could all relate. We could also relate to the idea in today’s lesson that when we forgive we can be the light to others. 

As we ended the class, we were aware that we were indeed the light of peace to others in these situations. We never know how the miracle touches others. But when we allow the shift to happen in our own mind, it does. We can remain peaceful despite the outside circumstances and help others along the path.

As this lesson states, “I am the means God has appointed for the salvation of the world.” I am here to be truly helpful to myself and to others. When I open my heart to forgiveness, it can change everything. The important factor is that we become aware of what we are feeling, we acknowledge it, accept it and allow the Holy Spirit to look with us upon it. Then as we see differently we forgive, the light is seen and salvation occurs. What purpose could we have but to bring greater happiness to the world?

I’ve had my share over the last week, yet I remember that the form doesn’t matter. What matters is do I dwell on it or do I join with the Holy Spirit in forgiving the illusion of what I see and experience His peace so I may share it with others.


Rev. Deb

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