Forgiveness is the light; unforgiveness, the dark. My sole purpose is to forgive. When I hold on so tightly to an idea or a belief, what am I really holding onto but nothing at all. As I recall various situations in my life and the beliefs I have had about myself or others, I was so determined to be “right” when in fact I was wrong about it all. I held on to smoke and mirrors believing it to be the truth. It captured my attention and it made me feel safe yet it was only the weakness of mind.

Forgiveness, as it says here, removes all sense of weakness, strain and fatigue from my mind. I can be happy no matter what appears in my mind to tell me otherwise. Embarking on this Course, its lessons, means I am desiring a different path to walk and one that needs not lead to pain in any form. The practice then becomes essential because “I would remember this because I want to be happy.”


Rev. Deb

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