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Forgot to mention that as I thought about today’s lesson, what I have heard about some of the ACIM study groups taking place across the country, perhaps the world, don’t know, is that participants often “argue” or in conflict about what a particular passage in the text or WB might state, I assume this applies to the Manual and supplements as well.

I could never understand that, to be honest, why on earth would seemingly committed, or maybe I just make that assumption, need to fuss about another’s interpretation?

It still eludes me.

This is why I love this ministry, because the focus is on my sharing my own experience of a lesson or a text passage and, optimally, a very “real” example of how I have applied it to my own life.

Reminds me of AA.

One of the reasons I stopped attending meetings, among others, was because the ones I attended I found that the more tenured AA members gave advice to the newbies and often the latter never returned.  That was my experience, I am NOT suggesting this is always the case, not at all.

I suppose this is what happens in some ACIM study groups too.

We are urged to ONLY share in this ministry how we have applied the lessons, that’s it.

I can always qualify what I write by stating something in particular has helped me if I respond to someone else’s post, but that doesn’t necessarily mean, ever, that I know what is in his or her best interests since I surely have no clue what is in mine, right?

I won’t lie to you and tell you that there have been times over the last 12 years that I have read a post and have picked up that the individual appears to want to be right rather than happy and seems to want to debate another’s take on the same passage or lesson.

I have, no doubt about it.

Over time, though, I realize we are all where we are, that we are all slowly but surely releasing our need to know, to understand, to analyze, to dissect ACIM to feel safe when all Jesus is telling us is we never left our Source, we are all deeply beloved, we are as God created us, etc.  Oh, and we are all ONE.

May I, may we be mindful of the purpose of all forums within this ministry, written and interactive, that we share our own experiences and assure that our intention as we do so is to be truly helpful.  If we are joined with the Holy Spirit, someone among us will “hear” the message we so lovingly offered and, if not then, when he or she is ready to accept it in the mind.  May I, may we accept that others are where they are and there are many times when the most loving act is to allow them to feel their own discomfort and resistance and move beyond it.  Finally, may I, may we accept where we are and not attempt to skip steps to our detriment, as Ken Wapnick lovingly advises us.

Much love,


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