Lesson’s 67 review, Love created me like itself pretty much says it all.

“I am in the likeness of my Creator.”  That’s repeated twice.

“I cannot suffer, cannot suffer loss and I cannot die.”

“I am not a body.”

“I will worship no idols, nor raise my own self-concept to replace my Self.”

Last night I was watching a TV program and it just so happened a member of the cast was losing his beloved dog to sarcoma.  A rescue dog he dearly loves who was his companion for years.  He took him to six vets all of whom recommended palliative care as there was nothing any of them felt they could do to “save” his life.  Observing his heartbreak was very challenging for me and I found myself overcome with emotion.

Enormous grief for the loss of our four dogs, all of whom had lived to be anywhere from 15 years plus, most at least 16.  They had all lived full lives with B. and me.

One of them died here at home, Maggie, who was a littermate of Lilli.  It is the circumstances surrounding her passing that were evoked.  Ah, until I read this lesson before I went to bed.

When I saw the phrase, “I cannot experience loss…”, I realized I had aligned with ego to feel guilty that I could have done differently, why hadn’t I seen and acted upon the signs that her health might be gravely imperiled?  By the time I/we did, it was too late.  Her little body was just full of pathos, according to our vet.

Why, pray tell, would I dwell on this?  Because I am afraid of love.  I seem to be more comfortable with death, dying and pain. 

Moving on.

As I review lesson 68, Love holds no grievances, I increasingly realize that I am always attacking myself when I delude myself into believing I had successfully gotten rid of the guilt I have for having separated from God.  Sure, it’s unconscious, that’s what was done when the decision to separate from God was made.  Guilt, sin and fear all projected outward toward the world and its inhabitants so none of us would have to look at it.  We would remain mindless until we chose/choose another way, a better way of living in the world.

If I contemplate the previous lessons leading up to the two of our review lessons today, all I need remember is that Jesus is teaching us our function and happiness are one and the same.

If I want to be happy, I forgive.  If I want to extend the light of the world as a result of joining with the HS, to bring peace to the world, I remember that I was created in the likeness of my Creator and He, as Love, holds no grievances and as His Son, I get I cannot hold grievances and extend nor join with the Sonship. The price I pay for choosing not to listen is that I remain in separation, specialness, special interests and, frankly, in hell.  It is way too high a price for me now.

To wrap this up, I can forgive myself for any thoughts of self-recrimination regarding our beloved dog, Maggie, I can send light and love to her in any given moment.  I can always ask for help in doing this as I automatically seem to want to punish myself for my sins of the past.  I want to stay stuck until I don’t.

I need not cave to temptation today.  And I will not.

Have a lovely day!



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