Lesson 78 Let miracles replace all grievances.

Keys to this Lesson

Every single decision we make is between either a miracle or a grievance.
Grievances hide the miracles.
When we are attached to our grievances we cannot see the Light of Truth.

With today’s lesson we will practice going beyond our grievances to look on the truth instead.
The Son of God is behind the grievances. The Son of God is always there.
The grievances block our view.


With the exercise we will attempt to see God’s Son in truth.
In this practice we will let go of our grievances.

For this practice, you will select one person you have used to target your grievances.
Jesus tells us how to do this:
We will select one person you have used as target for your grievances, and lay the grievances aside and look at him. Someone, perhaps, you fear and even hate; someone you think you love who angered you; someone you call a friend, but whom you see as difficult at times or hard to please, demanding, irritating or untrue to the ideal he should accept as his, according to the role you set for him.
You know the one to choose; his name has crossed your mind already. He will be the one of whom we ask God’s Son be shown to you.

You have seen this person as an enemy and today with this practice he will be held in truth and as a friend to you. He is your savior and let him fulfill that role for you in God’s plan.

Longer practice periods.
See this person in the role of savior.
Hold him in your mind, first as you know him now.
Review his faults, the difficulties, the pain, his neglect and all the little and large hurts he gave.
See his body with its flaws and better points.

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you see this person as He sees them. That is, as the Son of God in reality and truth.
This person is our savior shining in true forgiveness.

We ask:
Let me behold my savior in this one You have appointed as the one for me to ask to lead me to the holy light in which he stands, that I may join with him.

Close your eyes as you do this and as you think of him who has been your enemy. Let the light be shown in him as your grievances drop by.

You cannot be denied in this request.
Your savior, this person, is awaiting you to free him and with him is your freedom.
Be quiet now and look upon this person.
The grievances are gone as you allowed the Holy Spirit to help you see him or her with His Eyes.

Remember this lesson today with everyone you meet and to anyone you think of from your past or from the present. Let them all be the savior to you.
Pray this:
Let miracles replace all grievances.


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