Lesson 76 I am under no laws but God’s.

Keys to this Lesson

We have thought that things, medications, money, rituals, nutrition, friendship, other people would save us or heal us.
We have been mistaken by making our healing dependent on the outside world.
These have been laws that we have made to save us and as Jesus points out that make no sense.
They really serve no purpose in God’s World.
We think that here that the body is real, that it hurts and suffers. We want to save the body yet all of these things are only magic to keep us from seeing the truth about ourselves.
All these things before us we thought would keep us safe.

These are not the laws of God. This premise may seem strange to you as you are practicing this today. Yes, here in the world we are experiencing ourselves as a body and that we need to eat, drink and sleep. It is okay to still do these things yet we are taking a look at what is really behind it all. Going behind the curtain, so to speak.

God offers us joy and freedom. He wants us to know this.

Today we are opening ourselves up to listening to Him.


Repeat today’s idea OFTEN today.

I am under no laws but God’s.

As Jesus says,
We will repeat today’s idea until we have listened and understood there are no laws but God’s.

4-5 times an hour and in response to any temptation to experience ourselves as subject to the world’s laws.

This is a statement of freedom from the ego and the acknowledgement that we are God’s Son and we are saved.


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