Lesson 74 There is no will but God’s.

Keys to this Lesson

Today’s idea is the central thought which all of our practices can be directed.
God’s is the only Will.
We will recognize that His Will and ours is the same.
We have no need to believe that conflict is possible.
Peace has replaced all conflict.

There is peace in practicing today’s idea and as you continue to practice you will see just that.
With God’s Will there cannot be illusions.
Give yourself the space to practice as Jesus suggests today.
It will be highly beneficial to your state of mind if you do so.


Longer practice periods.
Repeat the following several times slowly.
Hold a firm determination to understand what they mean.

There is no will but God’s. I cannot be in conflict.

Add related thoughts for a few minutes such as:
I am at peace.
Nothing can disturb me. My will is God’s.
My will and God’s are one.
God wills peace for His Son.

If any conflict thoughts come to mind while doing this, say immediately:
There is no will but God’s. These conflict thoughts are meaningless.

If the conflict is in one area and it seems difficult to release, think about it specifically for a brief moment, identify the people or situations and then tell yourself:
There is no will but God’s. I share it with Him. My conflicts about ___ cannot be real.

Now close your eyes and try to experience the peace to which you are entitled to.
Sink into it.
Jesus says that we may be tempted to mistake these attempts for peace as withdrawal, but they are not.
If you feel joy and an alertness you are succeeding. This would be instead of feeling drowsy.

Joy characterizes peace.
If you find that you are slipping off into withdrawal, repeat the idea for today and try again. Keep doing this as needed.

Shorter practice periods.
Do at regular and predetermined intervals today.
Say to yourself:
There is no will but God’s. I seek His peace today.

Try to find what you are seeking.

You could do this for a minute or so every 30 minutes with eyes closed preferably.


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