Lesson 70 – My salvation comes from me.

Keys to this Lesson

All temptation leads us away from the fact that we can save ourselves.

We have believed up until now that salvation comes from outside of us.

We will let go of the guilt.

Guilt is something that we made up.

We let this go today.

The acceptance of today’s idea shows us these things:

Nothing outside of us can save us.

Nothing outside of us can give us peace.

Nothing outside of us can hurt, upset or disturb us.

We are in charge of the universe.

The remedy to our sickness, our mental sickness, is here. God wants us to be healed and by practicing these lessons we will realize healing.

Exercise 2 longer practice periods – 10-15 minutes.

You decide when you will do these practices.

Think ahead as to when would be a good time to do the practices and then adhere to the schedule that you create. Repeat the idea for today. Add a statement to the effect that you recognize that salvation does not come from anything outside of you.

For example: My salvation comes from me. It cannot come from anywhere else. Devote a few minutes with eyes closed. Review some of the external places where you have looked for salvation in the past. (People, possessions, situations and events, self-concepts)

Recognize that your salvation is not in any of those things and tell yourself: My salvation cannot come from any of these things. My salvation comes from me and only from me. You will again reach the light in you, where salvation is.

Once again moving past the clouds that surround the light. You will not find salvation in the clouds. You do not want to look for idols in the clouds. Pass the clouds by as you use whatever means you can. You can also ask Jesus to take your hand to assist you through the clouds. Jesus will help you today. Shorter and frequent practice periods. Remind yourself that salvation comes from you and nothing but your own thoughts can stop you. You are free. You are in charge. Say: My salvation comes from me. Nothing outside of me can hold me back. Within me is the world’s salvation and my own.


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