Lesson 66 – My happiness and my function are one.

Keys to this Lesson

Fulfilling your function = achieving happiness.
We do not get the connection as yet but we will as we continue working on these lessons.
Our function and happiness are the same.
They may seem different but in all they are the same.

The ego likes to fight with Holy Spirit on what our function is.
It also wants to fight on what our happiness is.
But you see the ego attacks and the Holy Spirit never responds.
Why does the Holy Spirit never respond?
Because He is certain of what your function is and He knows that your function is your happiness.

We are working on today moving past the battle that seems to be going on and getting to the truth of the matter.
There is no reason to argue the truth.
The truth IS.
Love cannot give evil and what is not happiness is evil.
God cannot be what He is not.

There are two parts to the mind.
One is ruled by the ego and its illusions.
The other is the Holy Spirit and the TRUTH.
These are the guides that you choose between.

The outcomes you see comes from which guide or voice you have chosen.


Longer practice period is 10-15 minutes.

Review these thoughts:
God gives me only happiness.
He has given my function to me.
Therefore my function must be happiness.

There is logic in these thoughts even if you do not understand these as yet.

There are two premises.
1st – God gives you only happiness.
2nd – God gives you your function.

Think about these thoughts during the practice.
Think about the many forms the illusion of your function has been in your mind.
Think about the many ways you tried to find salvation or happiness through the ego.

Did you find it?
Were you happy?
Did they bring you peace?

Jesus asks us to be honest today about all of this.

You either listen to madness or truth.
Try to make the choice as you think about the above two premises.
God only shares Himself with us.
Today we realize that only truth is true.

Shorter practices are done twice and hour:
Take a minute or so and repeat the following words slowly and think about them as you do:
My happiness and function are one, because God has given me both.


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